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Online 20 hours ago

Think I'm here for the same reason You are ;)

I am a:
Starke, FL, US
Looking for:
Archery, Reading, Antiques, Coins, History, MMA
Medical Field
5'8"-5'11" (171-180cm)
2 children
Want Children:
Doesn't matter
Some college
Body Type:
About average
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark brown

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If someone is going through thier day, not bothering anyone and enjoying life, why in the hell should any person want to wipe a smile off that happy person's face? I have two children that I spend a lot of time with, but they do not live with me save for alternating weekends. I enjoy archery, reading, museums, history, dining out, antique shops, flea markets, movies and yard work along with many other and varied things. When it comes to sports, I prefer Boxing and MMA. I'm not the biggest fan of football or baseball, though I can watch them, and I'm absolutely lacking any interest in baskebat at all. I will not ever watch, play or be interested in GOLF (a fellow introduced my forehead to a nine iron once and, as a result, I flinch every time I'm near a golf club being swung). I am a jeans and sandals type guy, but I can fix up pretty nicely when it's required. Can't fix your car or your appliances. Last time I tried to fix an appliance I caused an iron filter to blow into three seperate pieces. Apparently there is a difference between a gasket and a valve...Who Knew??! Truthfully, I rarely watch television because the few shows that actually interest me aren't enough to make me Want to have cable hooked up. I do not go to bars, though a pub or such wouldn't be out of the question, but nightclubs and such aren't places that interest me. I drink, yes, but in moderation and I don't drive if I've had more than two drinks. My musical tastes, and my tastes in movies, are quite wide and greatly varied. I do not do drugs, nor would I be interested in anyone who does do them. Note that, while I do not smoke marijuana personally, I don't consider it a drug. I eat red meat. Lots of it. Nothing like a good, well cooked, dead cow in my opinion...except for maybe sushi?! My political views range from conservative to liberal, it just depends on the subject at hand. I consider myself an Independant. I'm a nice person. A fun person with a slightly warped, but great, sense of humor. I can even spell 'Intelligent' correctly, which should count for something. I'm quite well read and love conversation, glasses of wine (not that I am a wine expert), cuddling, watching movies snuggled together under a quilt on a chilly night, light rainshowers where the sun is still shining and spending time with a significant other, if I could just Find one. If you are an Evangelical Born Again, please don't message me. I believe in God, go to Catholic Church on the occasions I do go to church, but I just don't want your dogma shoved down my throat. I happen to be religiously rather liberal, and you and I would Not get along. However, if you're a more laid back Christian, Wiccian, whatever, feel free to shoot me a message. If you're an Ultra Conservative or, on the other end, a Liberal who believes all conservatives are evil and must be converted, then please, don't message me. I honestly enjoy talking about politics but, really, there is such a thing as over doing it and you'd likely annoy the hell out of me if that is your favorite subject to discuss. If you're openly a racist or a homophobe, again please don't message me. I'm not racist and, while I am strictly hetero, some of my friends are openly gay. Please don't message me if you're any of the following: Orthodox Jew, member of the Israeli armed forces, here to play games, looking for a few quick lays, here to have online sex, a pornstar, an addict, drink three cases of beer a week on slow weeks, a stalker, if you Don't know what you're looking for, if you'd be anything other than a good influence if you ever met my kids or if your own children are most likely to end up on America's Most Wanted one day. Basically, if any of the following sentences offend you, please don't message me. If they inspire you to think, consider messaging me. If they make you snicker, then Please message me (note, these are not dating requirements, these are the kind of questions I've been known to ask people who are getting on my nerves and umm...ok, occasionally I make just to try and bring someone down off a high horse *G*): 'Have you ever actually Read the bible? Then tell me Exactly what the stated crime in Sodom was.' 'Which is more important, the Ten Commandments or Leviticus? So which is a greater sin, lying or...?' 'So you don't think it's arrogant to assume a 300 year old religion has everything right?' 'I'm sorry, but *insert name* is Not the Republican party's reincarnation of Ronald Reagan'. 'Do you make enough money that these proposed changes will hurt or help you?' 'So...let me ask you this, are you a textbook sociopath or are you willing to conceed that there are acts that are essentially right or wrong?' In the end? I'm a funny and smart guy. I'll make you laugh And think! Looks wise, I'm about 5'10, 5'11 and go for around 172 lbs. Brown hair with a touch of grey creeping in and I have the best looking set of blue eyes you have Ever seen. I also have a few tattoos, one on my arm and one on my back and, ladies, if you're wondering, I think tats on a woman are sexy as hell.

About you

You are... Likely bored senseless after reading all that stuff I typed. If you're not completely dazed though, drop me a line.

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