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From One Side Of The Ocean.

I am a:
Springfield, OR, US
Looking for:
Writing, Art, Reading, Camping, Hiking.
English Teacher.
5'8"-5'11" (171-180cm)
Never smoked
no children
Currently a student
Body Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Light brown

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Hello! A little bit about myself. I grew up in the United States – living mostly in Oregon and Alaska. Over the years I’ve traveled to almost every state in the West and Central United States but have only recently had a shot at going overseas. As I’m writing this I’ve been living in Kumamoto Japan for almost four months now. It’s been a great trip. I’ve seen a few castles, stopped by the ocean, and overall have a few memories to take with me, but I’m about ready to head home! My hobbies are art, writing, and like everyone else on this website – listening to music. I also have a bad tendency of staying up late at night playing video games and eating junk food, which leads me to my next interest – as a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburg in Game Art & Design. Some cool things in game design was happening when I was seven years old. Squaresoft released “Final Fantasy 7” to the U.S audience and I was hooked for the summer and long, long after. That year I wrote a letter to the company saying, “I want to be a game designer!” And the rest has been a gradually fulfilling dream. In Japan I passed the time as an English teacher. Working for a small company as a one-on-one mentor usually, while also teaching a classroom of usually about 6 students. Other then that, I went to Mt. Aso for an English summer camp to teach children. It was exhausting… Children can be fun, but, Summer Camp? More like ‘boot camp’. Recently I finished up a term in the U.S Air force. Driving trucks and delivering Jet fuel to aircraft was my main duty. I only enlisted for the education benefits. Nationalism is a concept that never stuck to me for some reason. Maybe I’m too big of a fan of Serj Tanaka to take government seriously. :D Spiritual wise I was born into a kind of, maybe, sometimes a Christian family who would later convert to LSD (Or is it LDS?) Mormons, while I kind of lost my faith in organized religion completely, and really am just spiritual (or agnostic if you’d prefer). What makes my beliefs kind of odd from the usual way of thinking, is that to most they have a strong belief in god when they gather in groups of others who believe the same, while turning away from science since it ‘has no real answers’. For me the more I learn about other religions, the more it seems as if the whole thing was invented just humanities insecurities. (God always happens to hate the same people that we do)Yet, when I see something amazing in nature, like a cell under a microscope, or… Ahe – I don’t know how to explain it well, but the complexity of life is just too great to be an accident. That’s the thing about nature – is that everything is for something, and nothing is just ‘there because it is.” I wonder why more people don’t see science and religion as the same thing. Did a creator of our universe really go through the trouble of a galaxy just so we could close our eyes to it? Personality wise I’m not really sure what to say. A person kind of has to decide that for themselves. Can you really learn anything about somebody by who they claim to be. That’s like me saying, “Oh yeah – I’m so sexy I walk around with sunglasses on at night!” Usually people say I’m reserved, serious, but also funny - I often say random or off the wall stuff while completely keeping a straight face. That’s not always a good thing…. :D I drink occasionally, usually just beer, or sometimes Everclear (any other kind of whiskey, vodka, or wine just doesn’t taste right to me.) I don’t really like bars. In Japan it’s pretty much a job requirement to visit a bar with coworkers. But it’s just an overpriced place to drink alchohol while sitting on a stool breathing in second hand smoke. If I’m going to drink with friends I’d rather do it on the way to a Castle, Shrine, camping, at home with speakers -or somewhere else comfortable, fun, and preferably – outdoors. For pets I have two cats. One is big, black, and extremely antisocial. She hides in my suitcase during the day, and only comes out during the middle of the night (when she thinks I’m asleep) to meow at the younger cat (in heat 24/7) until I chase her around with a pillow so I can try and fall back asleep again. In the morning I bring her food so she can hiss while arching her back and taking swipes at my face. That little ray of sunshine’s name is ‘Desta’(Gaelic language for ‘Sea Of Bitterness’). The other is a white and black cat who I’ve had since he was three weeks old. He’s about 4 months now. A crazy furball of nothing but teeth and claws who chases a tinfoil ball around the house for many hours, until finally tired, he lays down on my notebook (or laptop when I’m not looking) and remains hell bent to destroy all my art supplies – one colored pencil at a time . His name is Peta. And he’s 50% of the reason why I’m really a dog person (whenever possible.). For music I listen to techno (raves = rare, but great!), Rock (Korn saved me from the ‘alternative rock’ genre – I’ve been into hard core ever since. …Thank you Korn…), Industrial, and been trying to get into J-Music. Really all I’ve found was Malice Mizer and Utada Hakuri. The rest are just really, too pop! My favorite though is atmospherical music. Soundtracks to movies like Contact, Armagaddon Day, and different animes; Neon Genesis Evengelion(Shin Seiki Evangerion), .Hack//Sign, Martian Successor Nadisico (機動戦艦ナ ;デシコ), The Twelve Kingdoms (Jūni Kokuki), and Berskerk (剣風伝奇ベ ;ルセルク). Alright, that’ll probably be enough for now. I’m looking for friends so, drop me a letter if you’d like.

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How am I supposed to know that ahead of time? It'd be easier to imagine if you interduced yourself first. "Psychic" wasn't on my list of hobbies, now was it?

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