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Ahmad Bilal Software Engineer

I am a:
California Hot Springs, Tulare, CA, US
Looking for:
6'4" (191cm) or above
Masters Degree
Ok, VERY wealthy
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Education and Qualifications Name: Ahmad Bilal Country: Pakistan State : Punjab City: Sialkot Birthday: 20. 07.1988 Job title: Software Engineer Working at Microsoft Corporation What education and qualifications do you have? I have a B.S.E. with a double major in electrical engineering and physics (2007) and an M.S.E. in Computer Science (2009) with concentrations in signal processing and control theory. Both degrees are from Tulane University in New Orleans , Louisiana , USA . The senior project for my B.S.E. was a feasibility analysis of alternative energy usage at the New Orleans Audubon Zoo, while my master's thesis was the design and construction of a radio telescope. During my first degree I participated in a "year abroad" programmed at the Imperial College department of physics. Give an outline of your career so far I have been working in science, technical, and computer related jobs since my first year of university in 2004. I was a student intern for two years in a computer programming lab at the Tulane department of physics; although I discovered very little of interest in programming, I found great enthusiasm for lasers and computer programming! I also spent two years as an intern for the Tulane department of electrical engineering setting up web servers, writing web pages, and tutoring PHP. During my second degree I worked for Entergy, Inc modeling thermal activity in power line transformers. Once I finished university, I moved to the UK and worked as a software consultant. This job involved writing programs for middleware, which is software that glues together other computer programs and databases. One of the great benefits of being a consultant was traveling all over Europe and the UK . Finally, in October of 2006, I got the chance to combine software engineering with space science at UCL-MSSL. Why did you choose this career path? Not all of my jobs have involved space, but they have all involved computers. With each position I learned new software, different programming languages, and better technical architecture skills. I like software engineering because I can work with data on any subject - galaxies, power lines, or the price of baked beans - and my brain gets to be logical and creative at the same time Software engineering goes beyond computer programming; I have written computer programs in all of my jobs, but I have only been a software engineer during my last two jobs. What's the difference? Before writing a single line of code, a software engineer finds out what the software needs to do, how much it can cost, and how soon it needs to be ready. Next, the best hardware, support software, programming languages, computer environments, and schedule are selected and modeled on paper. What does your current work involve? I am the project manager for eSDO, an e-science project funded by PPARC to make data and algorithms from the Solar Dynamic Observatory mission available to UK solar scientists using the grid. This project covers three main areas: first, writing solar algorithms and deploying them on the web; second, setting up a UK data centre to store magnetic and multi-wavelength data; and third, creating visualization data and techniques to help scientists decide what data they want to use. I am also a developer for the AstroGrid virtual observatory project, and I work on solar tools and intelligent resource discovery. I have recently gotten the opportunity to work on an outreach project with scientists at UCL-MSSL and the BBC Kings wood facility; we are designing a system that will allow students to measure the cosmic microwave background using a satellite television dish. Work at UCL-MSSL is quite varied; since I started working at the lab in 2007, I have written an on-board bright star catalogue for Swift, helped calibrate the ultraviolet filters for the Swift UVOT (pre-launch) and XMM-OM (post-launch), worked on the UK data centre design for the Solar-B satellite, and coded for the Astrogrid registry, OGSA-DAI database system, solar science cases. Objective To work in a competitive environment that effectively utilizes my analytical, interpersonal, leadership and organizational skills to conceive and achieve solutions. The solutions which help the organization in not only meeting its targets, but also allowing it to grow, thereby, enhancing my own skills as an individual and as a key player in the organization's development. What cool projects have you worked on at Microsoft? The main project I'm working on right now involves changing the way that projects request and obtain computing resources. I've been trying to make sure that the allocation of resources and building of machines interact correctly and that the needs of all the projects out there are satisfied. I've also been using my 30% time to get exposure to some completely different areas of Microsoft technology by helping out with different projects. Interests Computer Gaming

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