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Online 72 days ago

A Special Lesbian Woman

I am a:
Goshen, IN, US
Looking for:
Retired academic/artist

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I'm an educated slim feminine women. 5'4" with blue eyes and shoulder length light brown hair. On some windswept wintry night I gazed out at the moon rising over the mountains and wondered if in this lifetime I will ever share my heart again. Could I ever feel the joy and preciousness of being in another's arms dancing away the hours to Albinoni's Adagio, haunting Celtic, Enigma or old salsa? Could I ever see myself deeply immersed in "The Four Agreements", "The Mastery of Love", "A Course in Miracles" Dostoevsky novels, world events, quantum physics or amazing plans and ideas to improve our personal lives as well as the world's together with "her" by the light of a candle. "Could I ever see myself playing hide and seek with her in child's wild laughter? Being alive in of itself brings joy. Being blessed with the gift of residing in unspoiled nature each and every day that I rise! How sweet it would be to share that with another, as well as floating between outdoor cafes, ethnic restaurants, small galleries and street festivals in some world city or little village! We are here to love our lives and to have fun! It is the very simple things that bring bless to our souls. Fulfilling one's personal mission and "calling" in life is one form of heaven on earth and simply looking into the eyes of one who gives the feeling of "home" no matter where we are, is yet another form of heaven on earth. I wish to experience this again! If you are there somewhere on this planet, I hope we find each other! Gracious por La Vida! I'd like to meet someone with brilliance, substance and depth,who is honest to themselves and to others; a colorful, an independent thinker/doer, someone radiant, self confident and open to new perspectives and ways of thinking. People who are deeply romantic and sensual in their way of being Having active interests in knowledge seeking, communing with nature, cinema, arts, reading, writing, fine wholesome foods and travel/living in other cultures is a plus! It is important to me that you are not a user/ loser and are financially self sufficient and secure like myself. Taking control yet not being controlling/manipulating is appealing! I am attracted to women who care for their bodies and not abuse them with drugs, tobacco, heavy drinking and over eating. Please do not bother writing if you not a female lesbian. Overweight women who are not discernible from males are not my cup of tea.

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