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I Believe These Words To Be True...

I am a:
Welcome To My World, US
Looking for:
5'0"-5'3" (151-160cm)
Never smoked
no children
Want Children:
Doesn't matter
Bachelors Degree
Body Type:
About average
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark brown

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Relationships are all about showing up and doing what it takes to make it last. If you think that is what you want, please have the time and desire to be able to go "the distance". Will you be willing to make the journey with me to find all this out, or will your fool yourself into be captivated by a stranger? I HAVE BARED MY SOUL SO THAT YOU MIGHT FIND ME ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS SCREEN - SO SHOULD YOU CHOSE TO PURSUE MY SOUL - PLEASE TREAD SOFTLY AS I HAVE HAD MY SHARE OF THOSE WHO THOUGHT THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WANTED BUT WERE ONLY IN LOVE WITH THE IDEA OF "BEING IN LOVE". To you.... My Future Soul Mate.... Although we are apart & may never have met, those of faith say that within this world of space & time, we are already together, but just can't see it yet. So, to ease the pain of relentless time, I am writing this letter in hopes that it will somehow draw your soul to mine. Truth be known, I have looked for you and still do everywhere. In the streets, in my dreams... in the eyes of every soul I meet. I have spent this time apart from you alone, setting goals, realizing dreams and becoming the Woman I have always wanted to be. I have had many journeys within my life, ones that I will share with you. For someday I will also learn about what you have endured in your own path, while searching for me too. There have been many who have asked me who you are and what you stand for. My response to them has always been the same, that the man I love knows my worth and loves me more. All he asks I shall be.... so he will always know that all he needs will always begin with me! You know who I am because I live with you in my thoughts and dreams. I do the little things that remind you how much and how often I think of you, Yet you don't notice that I am here. You seek the one person whose arms you can run to when you long to feel safe and warm, you run to me often and when I think I am brave enough to kiss you...I only hold you tighter. I know when you think of me because my heart flutters. You speak my thoughts and yet you don't know I exist. I only ask that you come to me and let me hold you in my arms as we gaze into each others eyes as the world around us disappears. I'll always be there for you however you want me. It is you, that I am speaking to. Look into your heart and you'll know. Don't be afraid, lets conquer all there is to conquer. I will hold you in my arms as you have always dreamed of. We will gaze into each others eyes and you wont have to say anything since it is with your eyes that you speak to me. When that special day comes we will make time, stop for the moment and the world will disappear. I don't care where we are that day as long as we are together.

About you

Somewhere is whom this is written...he who is comfortable in himself and his independence, unaware that he has captivated me already...he who moves in a world defined by its experiences, not its badges...he who cares little for pointless baubles yet maintains a loyal friendship with diamonds...he who takes away my breath and not my patience, laughs at my appalling jokes because they really are funny, captures my imagination because of who he is and not what he is trying to be, does occasionally get muddy, sweaty, wet or tired in public, does not possess an aversion to champagne, admits it all and wants to do it all over again the next day or week because he wants to and not because he feels he has to...he who mixes cashmere and leather, wears his oldest denim, a winter cold or nothing at all with infinite style...he whose kisses claim me... How I think.... Your words are very important to me. They tell me you're interesting and interested. I can be a million things, but if you don't find me interesting in the first few lines, well then I think it's pretty safe to say that you won't stick around long enough to finish what I wrote, let alone a "LIFETIME". I like reading about a person. How an individual carries themselves in written thought, illustrates a lot about their character....about their heart. So perhaps it is only right that I am out there looking, to see whether or not I can find your heart.

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