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A student of Graphics Arts who has already received an Associate's of Science in Art. I have only three semesters left until I graduate from Lambuth University in Jackson, TN with my Bachelor's. I had not intended to put my LIKES and DISLIKES here, but this thing suggested it, so let's see. MY LIKES: Rivers and Streams; Photography; Dogs and Cats; When people get together and talk about either Philosophy or Religion or both; I really like to debate these issues; Some new age rock; Classic Rock(Ladies, every guy in the South listens to it from time to time, get used to it or move to Canada); Blues(obviously); some instrumental, but not just old stuff, more like new age instrumental; I can really get lost in any work of art and could be lost there for hours depending on the subject matter. I've just always had this optical fixation for all kinds of art, and whatever you may think of as art, with the exception of Theater, I have most likely studied it. Some might say I've studied it a little too much, and it may be an obsession, but it's the one thing I can keep coming back to that makes me happy to be alive every time. You might not have guessed it but I am also a science nut. I have been schooled in several different fields of science and it has been a facination of mine since I was very young. It is the one thing besides art that I continue to study without having to be in a class. MY DISLIKES: Fake Smiles; People who give up on themselves(YES YOU CAN!); Libraries that are too small or too small-town; Pessimists; Procrastinators; and, obviously, too many DISLIKES is a big DISLIKE for me. The type of person I'd like to meet: Well, intelligence and a woman who knows how to work hard is a big turn on for me. Independence, perseverance, witty. OK, so looks matter in a way, we all know that, but for me it's more like I've always known that there is the perfect match out there for me, but I know, also, that I have to wait until it's our time together. It can't be JUST my time or JUST her time. It has to belong to US together as One, or it can never be. Who knows, the One for me might not even be on this site, but, one thing's for sure, I'll have plentyoftime to meet new friends as I find that out.

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