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Online 38 days ago

Modern Day Romeo searching for his Juliet

I am a:
Flanders, NY, US
Looking for:
6'0"-6'3" (181-190cm)
Never smoked
Want Children:
Yes, I want children
Masters Degree
Body Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Light brown

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MY PERSONALITY: Basically im the "GOODBOY" you rarely hear know the kind that gets real popular round 28 when girls finally are sick of the guys that treat them like crap? This MODERN DAY ROMEO still does everything and anything for love. I still put my heart on the line hoping one day somebody will take it and keep it. MY COMEDIC SIDE: There is also the comedy side of me that wants to be the life of the party and has 1000 stories to make you laugh with my impressions and quick wit personality. ROMANTIC SIDE: I come from a great Italian family (parents married 25+ years), so I guess you could say I am the old fashion type who proves chivilry isnt dead after all. I'm the guy thats affectionate in public but not all over somebody in a disgusting way... I live for romantic dates, (such as walking on the beach or relaxing in a hammock under the stars). The little things mean the most to me such as calling at night just to say I miss you or writing a love song to preform in front of her. I'm all for showing my gf's name in my profile and webpage...Finally I am keen on saying "I miss you too" instead of "ditto" or "me 2" because I know to well the warnings signs on when a relationships fades. BUSINESS & MUSIC CAREER: I am a recent Hofstra University BA and now MBA graduate student who is VP of Med-Label Inc. heading up the new electroin division. I also started writing songs at the age of 8 years old. I am a singer/songwriter has written in the Pop, Jazz, Techno, Easy Listening, Religous and Rock genres. In college, I added to my resume by joining "MDP", a short lived but popular cover song band at Hofstra University for two years of "Battle Of The Bands" and also made musical guest appearences on the popular HU TV comedy show "TNL". To date I have released a total of 22 independent albums of both original and cover material. I have four #1 chart topping singles: "Nothing More To Say", "Can Anybody Hear Me", "He's My God" and "Am I". On the Easy Listening Top 100 chart, I compiled 18 top 20 hits with 6 top 10 singles that include: "Can't Stop (#4), "She's My Girl" (#5), "Dancing Alone" (#6), "Your Not Mine" (#7), "I Need Love" (#7), "Music is Christmas" (#8), "Song From Hell" (#8), and "Same Old Story" (#9). My Pop 100 Top 10 chart singles include "Sleep Together (#6), "Nothing More To Say" (#7), "Can Anybody Hear Me (#9), and "She Never Got It" (#10). WHAT A WANT IN A GIRL Honestly I can tell you everything else everybody else has already said that is standard these days. I mean who doesnt want somebody thats romantic, adorable, caring, loving, honest, truthful, loyal, ect... All those traits are just the icing becuase i beleive in some way everybody has them. If you really want to know what I want in my other half I will honestly tell you. Please give me a girl who is not afraid to take a chance by giving out their phone number so i can hear her personlaity after we talk online. I would like a girl who actually wants to get to know me, NOT a situation where you call them once and then they ignore you till the end of time. I would prefer a girl who actually calls me back somewhat on time and can make plans in advance. It would be nice to locate that person who will not drop you an email that they found somebody else even before you got to meet them. I want somebody who i will always know who they are. I do not want to find out down the road they are Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde with a secret life they do not share. I want a woman who I can look at and just melt everytime I see them, weather it is in the morning right after she wakes up or is just though putting her makeup on for dinner. I want somebody who I can share my music success and failures with and a girl who will inspire me to not only do better but understand myself in ways i never knew. I want a family girl who makes a good first impression and is not scared of meeting people whom are important to me. But most of all I want somebody who I can always call whenever I am in a crisis and rely on in the worst of times, someone who knows what love really is and doesnt walk away from her problems, and someone who is both feminine and a rock at the same time. That somebody who completes me is out there somewhere, and I hope this message will finally bring her to me for good :)

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