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erase myself, Let go of what I've done.

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North Manchester, IN, US
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Who am I, That is a good question. To me I need no label, I am who I am. I'm a lost entity, People may see me as strange and shy, but they know little. What’s up people, my name is, well just forget bout that cause I am a person of many different sides, personalities, and personas, some dark, some light, some heavy hearted, some light hearted, some good, some evil, I am deemed by most as a person of games, puzzles, riddles, Mystery, and darkness, Some say that I have inferior self-esteem, because I am shy, quiet, isolated, distant, and different from everybody else, which is not the case at all, yes I may not be a social butterfly. When it comes to most, but to those that try or get to know me then they see differently cause to those people that try or already know me. I am not distant or isolated from; it is just how I come across to most because. I am not that talkative, when it comes to most or big groups of people, But if I feel like I can trust whom I am around then I do talk and actually seem to be a normal fun person to talk or hang out and just kick it with. . Why are so many people superficial now a days? People only look for the surface appearance about other people now a days to determine wither or not they are friend or boyfriend material. Why is it that people are always focused on the material looks or the superficial appearance of people anyways? Shouldn’t people give people a chance to be a friend or boyfriend based on how well there know them and how they make u feel and not on how there appearance is? Do people think that just because some one acts differently or looks different or is shy quiet or seems not to be very social person doesn’t make them any less of a person to be friends or boyfriends with does it? Too many people focus on the appearance of a person people never give the people the chance to see some one for who they are on the inside just because of how some one looks is stupid, People should get to know people based on what is inside and not by appearance alone. I am speaking from experience because I am one of those people that is always judged based on appearance alone, I am positive that if u would look beyond the physical appearance u will be surprised at what u may come too find. U got it twisted, all of u has it twisted I cannot be manipulated, I am a shy mysterious being, I shroud my self in darkness, I take pride in the simple fact that too know me or figure me out u must play as if your putting together a jigsaw puzzle. If u like puzzle’s then try and piece me together, if u will take the chance to get too know me that is or take the chance to look beyond my physical being and try and unchain and piece together my heart. Come along down a long dark twisted treacherous road and begin your descent into my being of darkness and see my chained heart, Can u be the one too make me feel again? I've slit the ties knotted to a past I've long to forget, Yet I've wilted in the palm of regret.... I'm lost, no where to go... I'm all alone in this world filled with lies and darkness... I breathe nothing but poison, cry nothing but red, and live for nothing but the wish to die. Leave me here for my veins to run dry forsaking all that i have become.

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