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There are More Options for Vision Correction other than LASIK

Laser eye surgery Los AngelesIf you live in Los Angeles and have been interested in LASIK eye surgery, you know there are many centers to choose from. Be warned, not all Lasik “doctors” can be trusted. Many of the complications from LASIK surgery have stemmed from LASIK-mills, where everyone gets the same procedure and there is no customization as needed, since not everyone has the same eyes. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for LASIK, which is why it is important to visit a trustworthy Los Angeles Lasik surgeon, who will tell you the truth, and not just try to sell you the procedure. However, if you do find yourself a less than ideal candidate for LASIK Los Angeles patients should be at ease. There are other options for custom vision correction!

You can’t do LASIK, you’re intolerant of those irritating contact lenses, and you just hate your glasses. You want your eyes to be “normal” — you want to wake up and see the alarm clock. Laser eye surgery Los Angeles patients now have options to choose from! The Visian ICL Implantable Contact Lens Surgery (from the eye company Staar) may be the best option for you — it can correct large degrees of nearsightedness (myopia), from -3 D to -16 D and beyond.

The ICL procedure is fast (about 5 minutes per eye and both eyes can be done the same day), and painless, with most patients achieving very sharp vision the same day. The only way to know if you’re a great candidate for the ICL is to arrange for a detailed consultation with your local Los Angeles eye surgeon.

Of all of the thousands of eye surgeons in California, there are only 14 who have been selected as “Leading Visian ICL Specialists” and in the city of Los Angeles, there are only two surgeons holding that honor. For ICL Implantable Contact Lens Surgery in Los Angeles, Dr Uday Devgan MD in private practice at the Maloney Vision Institute (and also Chief of Eye Surgery / Ophthalmology at a major UCLA Hospital) has been honored with the distinction of being a “Leading Visian ICL Specialist”.

Disclaimer: This blog or article is for information purpose only, and should not be treated a professional advise or price protection guarantee. This blog is mainly used for search engine optimization and other commercial purposes and it is advised that readers seek professional consultation in the field of interest for more information.



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