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C0DERED's blog


the life & times of scamming cunt...jessicahills2008

Show Recent Messages (F3) jessicahills2008 is not in your Messenger List Use caution in corresponding with people you don't know and never share confidential or private information with them. Report as Spam jessicahills2008: can you see me now my dear 03: wow 03: so hot... 03: how old r u? jessicahills2008: thank you my dear jessicahills2008: what work do you do for a living 03: i am to old for you?? i am 53 yrs 03: i own a sewing maching company 03: what do you do? jessicahills2008: ok jessicahills2008: am in the nursing school 03: oh nice.. jessicahills2008: i told a picture of me when i was in class and i want to send that to you 03: ok kool 03: am i to old for you? You have received 1 file from jessicahills2008. jessica.jpg Open (Alt+Shift+O) 03: wow what a hot lil body...i would love to make love to you...sorry but its true.. jessicahills2008: love does not bother about age what matters most is the love can build for each other age is just a number, what must be counted in love is love, caring, sincere, honest,trust, and respect for the man i love 03: i can lick your pussy all night long...sorry baby jessicahills2008: hmmmmmmmmmm 03: really? 03: you will let me eat your pussy all night?? jessicahills2008: can you take very good care of me my dear jessicahills2008: and make me feel in love like a woman 03: yes..i have very LARGE amounts of money.. 03: i can take very very great care of you! if you let me have sex all the time.. jessicahills2008: really? 03: sorry if i upset you... 03: just talking from my heart..or dick lol jessicahills2008: i want a man a good hearted man and a man with much love and care 03: i have sooooooo much love...but i love sex with you also jessicahills2008: what can you do to prove to me that you can take good care of me my dear jessicahills2008: and make me feel in love like a woman spgfld1903: have sex with you? jessicahills2008: with my much love and care spgfld1903: i will love and care always for you...i mean look you are a beautiful woman with a great smoking body...anyone would love to marry you!!! jessicahills2008: am looking for a man who can marry me with true love and care 03: i would marry you right now..i swear if you promise to love & stay with me always.. 03: never go with another man just me.. jessicahills2008: all depends on how serious you are to me and how sincere you are i will give all my heart and my body to you jessicahills2008: if only you are sincere to me jessicahills2008: and faithful 03: well I AM jessicahills2008: i promise to honor and love you in all aspect of life if only you sure me true love and care 03: i will i willl FOREVER..dear 03: just me & you against the world.. jessicahills2008: can you provide me with all my needs when ever am in need my dear with true love 03: yes i can honey... 03: my god you are so hot.. 03: i cant wait to meet you in person jessicahills2008: what are the good plans you have for me my dear 03: to bring you to new york and marry you quickly before some young guy sees really.. 03: we will be sooo happy will love my house..its giant jessicahills2008: wow jessicahills2008: i will be very happy to meet you too if only you want me my dear jessicahills2008: am ever ready to relocate to my dream man as soon as possible 03: i do want you dear...i want you NOW 03: if you came here now can we sleep in same bed?? jessicahills2008: yes my dear jessicahills2008: and that will be so lovely 03: ohhhh soooo kool 03: when can you come? 03: can you come now? jessicahills2008: coming to you will cost my dear you know that 03: YES CANT BE THAT MUCH AIRLINES ARE PRICE WARING NOW...KOOL 03: let me know ..i dont care i want to sleep with you NOW!!! come tonight ... 03: or tomorrow jessicahills2008: i don't have the money my dear jessicahills2008: dear we have to know each other very well, what you like and what you dislike, 03: i dont care....i want you now.. jessicahills2008: you don't have to rush into things ok 03: yes i want you now...before i meet someone else..ok? 03: i have 2 girls i am suppose to meet tonight..but i like you better..they live near me jessicahills2008: if we are able to build the trust together we cannot leave each other jessicahills2008: in life 03: i rather be with seem honest and very nice jessicahills2008: what is needed now is to build the trust ok 03: ok how 03: ? jessicahills2008: for you to trust me and for me to trust you ok 03: i doi trust you sweety jessicahills2008: i trust you too jessicahills2008: i hope you will never break my heart my dear 03: i wont..i wont even meet those other girls..ok? 03: i will tell them i have a girlfriend now ok? jessicahills2008: ok my dear jessicahills2008: thank you for being honest to me jessicahills2008: thank you very much 03: ok so are you my girlfriend now? jessicahills2008: YES 03: oh KOOL jessicahills2008: i want you to love me from your heart and your mind \ 03: i want to see another pic of you sexy one...please?PLEASE?? 03: i will & do jessicahills2008: ok my dear 03: ok kool im waiting.. jessicahills2008: ok my dear jessicahills2008: my dear can you also send me yours 03: ones? 03: i didnt get any? 03: no i mean sexy ones.. 03: nude.. A problm occurred while transferring the file "jessica..jpg". The transfer has been stopped. jessicahills2008: that one unless i snap one and send it another time because am not on the internet showing my pussy ok 03: i want to see what i will be sleeping 03: ohhh ok dear is your pussy sweet? 03: please just one cunt pic?? jessicahills2008: yes my dear 03: oh kool i love to eat sweet pussy..i cant wit to have my tongue up your slit jessicahills2008: i have not snap such a picture yet because i don't think a man will ask me to show my pussy firs before he will marry me jessicahills2008: if you are the type hmmmmmmm 03: yes i am..i heard africa has nasty pussy so i really wanted to see?? sorry if i offended you 03: i guess its ok 03: i just wanted to be sure your pussy looks great..not all funky ok? jessicahills2008: ok my dear 03: sorry jessicahills2008: my dear do you have a cell phone? 03: yes it wont work right now ..i am not at home...i am in Hawaii jessicahills2008: ok 03: sorry the truth is i came here to meet a woman but it was no good...she died and her friend is a fat slob and really ugly...ill be home tomorrow..i am not staying here 03: thank god for laptops or i would be going crazy jessicahills2008: ok my dear jessicahills2008: i want you to take good care of your self 03: i will 03: are you going now? 03: are you a scamming cunt also?? jessicahills2008: no am not 03: did i waste enough of your stupid fucking man 03: Holy Shit!!! you too!!! i fuckin live in hawaii...but relocated to the deepest darkest africa to seek out tribal monkeys to mate with....i am also here cause my grandme droped dead and left me 18 trillion dollars..U.S.A.MONEY...SO YA KNOW THIS SHIT IS FUCKING GREAT!!!...all i need is 1000 lousy dollars from you for processing bullshit & stuff like that...i wont boar you w/ the details ok? so i think i love you now and you will be my wife ok fucker?? well let me know when the fuck the money will be here ok bitch??? later rat hole....PUSSY FACE CUNT RAG!!! spgfld1903: * IP: * IP: * Nigerian Subcribers * SCAM IN AFRICA / GHANA 41-50 * Scamming in Ghana * WEST AFRICA-GHANA fraud * WW.GHANA.COMCAST.NET * West Africa ebay scams


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