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My heart is very lonely right now. When I am in love, I cherish my partner with all my heart and soul and having the same feeling come back to you is priceless. I haven’t felt reciprocation like that in over five years. I am a real lover and it has to be with the right man. When I am in love, all I want to do is be with that person, share with that person, snuggle, snuggle, snuggle, hold hands, kiss, kiss, kiss (passionately), make love (again passionately and lovingly). I believe you should say “I love you” often. Wouldn’t it be grand if the last words out of our mouth was “bye” and one of us was killed by a bus that day? I’ve seen ALL the personals lately, believe me. The men say “no drama”. Isn’t it funny that some of the biggest ‘Drama Queens’ I’ve ever met have been men. They either pull imaginary crap from the air to fight about so there is “EXCITEMENT” or the minute there’s an “actual” issue they put on their top hat, grab a cane and put on a Broadway production instead of sitting knee to knee and discussing issues as adults. I am not a Barbie Doll, nor will I ever be. So many men are looking for a ‘brick shit house’ and they get EXACTLY what they’re looking for, a “shit house”. I’m an average girl of average intelligence with an average build. I am 43, I have no children, I live alone with my cat, Banjo. I am NOT, repeat NOT looking for a rich man. Been there done that. The “perks” were grand, but the lack of love forced me to leave. All I want is love from someone I have great chemistry with. BUT….. a job and a car IS a prerequisite. I don’t care what job, I don’t care what car. They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts. But hey, attraction is what draws you in to begin with. You could be George Clooney but if you’re an ass, you’re an ass. I love an outgoing personality and someone that can make me laugh. Humor is important, it really is. I like rock-n-roll, concerts, traveling, photography, amusement parks and lots of time with the one I love. I have no clue what I’m looking for right now. I’m lost and lonely and searching and searching. I hope this isn’t a turn off. I will find “The One” or he will find me. It may be online, it may not be. All I know is I won’t settle for less than love. I am looking for the last partner of my life.

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