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4ppl FAQ

How can I join the site?

You need to register first. Go to the index page and click on the "Join" button, fill out the registration form accurately, and then click the "join" button. You will receive a welcome notification in your mailbox after completing this registration.

How can I make changes in my profile?

You should login and click on "My Profile" on the left side next to your picture. You can edit, view or change your email address, password and profile status by clicking on "Profile settings".

What does my profile status mean?

You can make your profile status "Active" or "Hidden." "Active" means you can use all website features. You can use "Hidden" when you are going on vacation or absent for a long period. "Hidden" status means your profile won't be available in "Browse", "Search" or other website services.

How can I find the person I'm looking for?

Using the "Browse" feature you are able to browse the profiles of members in which you are interested. You can browse profiles by "Sex", by "Age" or by "Country".

Using the "Search" option you can set up sex, age parameters and country in "Simple" search, and do this with more detailed information in "Advanced" search.  Also, you are able to search by nickname in search "By User", "By Keyword", and "By Distance"

How can I read messages sent by members?

On the left side, next to your picture you can see the "My Mail" button. Clicking on this button will send you to your mail box where you are able to read all the messages and manage your mail box.

What should I do if other members are soliciting me to send him/her money?

Please report any abuse of this type from other members by using the "report" button.

How can I use chat?

Any member of can join a chat for free. You can reach chat by clicking on the "Chat" link on the profile of the person you are looking at.

How can I browse my photos?

Login to your profile. On the left side under your Profile name click My Photos.

What if I forgot my password?

Click Login and select Forgot Password, and type in the e-mail address you used during the registration procedure. Go to your e-mail inbox and you will see that your password has been sent.

How can I add a user to my Faves?

In the user`s profile page click Fave to add the user to your Favorites.

How can I watch the list of my Faves?

Click Browse, then My Faves, and you will find your friends.

Where do I go to see people who viewed my profile?

Click Browse, then Viewed Me and you get the list of members who have viewed your profile.

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