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About 4ppl

4ppl - A Really Free Dating Site (really)

You've heard a lot of "really free" marketing blurbs, but the reality is that in most cases what you've heard was NOT TRUE. Yes, people lie - truly free dating sites do not exist. The so-called "free" dating sites still end up making you pay. Sometimes in money, sometimes in time, sometimes in nerves.

Most of them are full of annoying advertisements that just pull tons of "related" products and service offers into your head and make you "click". Did you ever think that your "clicks" mean dollars?  Yeah, and they go right to those "free" dating sites.

Ok, here's another one - use everything for free, but pay for "extended" services. Oh, c'mon - "extended" is always the only option worth spending time and money on in these cases. The only difference is that they don't MAKE you pay, but they LURE you to. They won't have any content for free, so you need to pay to open up the "good stuff", and then it's still a crapshoot!

Other "free" online dating websites will just drain your precious time (time=money + Internet costs = even more money) and energy by offering badly designed, slow, poorly moderated, resource-hungry sites made by amateur programmers with little or no clue about how a dating site should actually work. Very soon you realize that you'd rather spend that $20 instead of losing your day for this junk.

When you become jaded with all the babble, come-ons and flashing hard-sell ads that steal your attention and suck down your resources, try this: type in your browser address bar and hit enter. You will escape to a place where there is none of this - honestly, truly and cross-our-hearts it's advertising and gimmick free. Your biggest problem is going to be the adjustment that you will have to make when you leave our "visually quiet" site, because...

Now, 4ppl is really free.

No Ads. No Kidding.

And yes, we do not answer that rude "how do you make money?" question. Somehow we do. Free is a very good price - so just enjoy it. 4ppl is created to Unite People, which is our main mission and the meaning of our company. And 4ppl is absolutely ad-free. We do not feed our members with any sort of advertising - no banners, no AdSense, no text links, no spam, no BS! The internet is already full of it -  anyone can find this kind of thing via Google and elsewhere without even trying. 4ppl is for dating and that is it - no ads. Period. Keep reading...

No Fees. No Extras. All Included. All Free.

We do not sell any complimentary services. We would fail to do so anyway, because we have included EVERYTHING one would need in an online dating site in our free package (the only package we have actually). Profiles with up to 100 photos, video, audio and extended info; unlimited contacts; unlimited Audio/Video Chat and A/V Instant Messenger; unlimited searches; and even more. All free.

Fast. Clean. Nice.

4ppl looks good. We just can't buy into the "ugly sells" theory when it comes to our customers - you deserve a good-looking site which works as it should and looks pleasing. We also made it fast - is powered by our advanced software - Shark Enterprise Community Platform, which is REALLY fast, and 4ppl doesn't have any layout graphics - the only image we have is a highly compressed and optimized site logo to help you remember the brand and find your way back ;). 4ppl is also professionally optimized for the best user experience in terms of site usability and accessibility.

No Fascism

Some sites are unable to weed out spammers, and all they really do about this is block registrations from countries like Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia and most African countries. First, it doesn't help much. Second, it is pure fascism. The actions of a few should not blacklist the whole country. Who said there's no spammers in the US or Canada? It's like burying our heads in the sand instead of trying to solve the real problem. 4ppl has open doors for ALL countries in the world. All nations. All religions and cultures. Everyone is welcome.

No Stupid Restrictions

4ppl is a community-driven site. We do not set restrictions unless they are widely accepted by the community and make sense. You just don't have to upload photos with "your head-shot only" or "without other people". Upload whatever you want - just as you would show all sorts of photos in your photo-album in real life. We will not ban you from the site for  saying that you're a boy, while you're obviously not :). As in real life, it's your personal business and it's something you will probably be explaining on your first date anyway. We don't ban for incomplete profiles - you tell what you want to tell. We don't limit unregistered users experiences - you can browse, search and view photos without registering. This could make up a bigger list - but you can just give it a try yourself, and we think that you will feel how much more free and pleasant 4ppl is compared to most other dating sites.

No Subjective (stupid/overpowered/jerky) Admins or Moderators

4ppl is 100% community moderated. Just like real-life dating is. Your communication and profile invoke people's reactions which, if too negative (spam reports, offense reports), may limit your 4ppl experience. Just be nice with all others and you'll be using 4ppl happily for as long as you want.

Works In your Language

4ppl is an international dating site and a local dating site in one. You can search for people in your area and you can search for people from over 150 countries. 4ppl supports different languages - and allows profiles to be completed in any language too. 4ppl adapts to your language preference and gives you the freedom of choice. 4ppl is For People from any country and For People who speak any language. We are working on adding more and more languages and hope to cover them all soon.

Works On Your Computer, Phone, Handheld, Anything

4ppl is optimized for both computers and mobile devices. Use whatever you want - all at one destination - 4ppl will adapt to your device and will serve an optimized website layout depending on what you use to browse 4ppl pages. Try it - accessing 4ppl through your mobile phone or Blackberry is real fun. And it's free too! All you need is an Internet connection.

Works with Google Maps

Imagine that you're looking over the earth and deciding who to date with. Isn't that fun? Try it! Google created cool Maps and we paired them with a dating search.


We just couldn't help repeating it. Simply. Here's the statement - Quote: "You will not find another dating site, which is THAT free and THAT feature-packed." 4ppl is for people. 4ppl is for you. 4ppl is for free.+
Our dating app is in BETA mode. your reports & suggestions.
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