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Super Retired Sailor seeks Sweet Soulmate

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Ocala, FL, US
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I was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in the Maryland suburbs of same. I've lived in and traveled to many places, both in the beautiful USA and abroad, while serving on active duty in the US Navy for 20 years (retired in Jan '94). I moved here to Ocala, FL., in July '07 to help out my aging Mother. One of my favorite activites is taking a spontaneous road-trip to anywhere along back-country roads to destinations unknown, just to see sights yet unseen; I believe it's the journey, not the destination, that counts. I also enjoy cooking (had to learn while raising my son alone for a dozen years as a single parent LOL) I have a passion for a few things - my twelve awesome grandkids top the list, and of course, their parents/my kids, too ); I also love oldies and classic Rock 'n Roll, and play drums as a hobby. I truly love all animals - and I feel that "hunting for sport" is just plain stupid. I'm a fairly laid back guy - the proverbial "nice guy" (who doesn't like finishing last all the time lol), although I've been known to kick it into a higher gear (especially on the dance floor). As far as my search for "Her" goes, I won't settle for close enough (and neither should you), so the search continues. I feel a good relationship is based on best-friendship, mutual respect, honesty, trust, open & free communication, and both partners believing in and practicing the principles of agreeing-to-disagree. You wouldn't like them trying to change you, so why try and change them? Vive La difference! Couples should be supportive of each other and always stand by each other. They need not always like the exact same things - I don't want a "clone" - but a majority of similiar interests will certainly help the bonding and keep the relationship fun and exciting. Speaking of fun and exciting, another aspect of that is that there HAS to be that physical chemistry between and for each of us or there can't be much romance and affection - something I feel also HAS to be there. Having said that, if you'd like to communicate please have a pic posted - or available - thank you. I also feel that both partners need to respect each others comfort level and never push beyond those limits. A strong friendship, based on openness, honesty, communication and mutual trust should be allowed to develop first and foremost, because that is the foundation for a solid and loving relationship.

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