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Young Man looking for Loving Woman

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Mount Washington, KY, US
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I'm Daniel Rutledge II (yay for me! lol) I'm 19 years old and I've lived in Mount Washington most of my life. I was born in Hamilton Ohio, though, and I've only been outta state a couple times. I can't drive, at all. Though, the reason behind it is that we're a poor family, and we only have had to working cars at any one time, it seems, and my dad uses one, currently, to go to and from work in Fort Knox, and before that, he had it at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. The other is shared between my mom and brother. I bit the bullet on this one, because I'd just be a third person to argue who gets the jeep. As you can guess from above, I've one full sibling, and lots of half siblings, as my dad's been married I believe about eight times. My brother's name is Phillip. He's my younger brother. You know how the older brother is the hard headed jock obsessed with himself and easy women, and the younger brother is the game playing, intelligent, and anti social person? Well, we got the whole role reversal here. I'm the anti social one, and he's the jock. He always tries to show off how good he thinks he is, so I'm kinda afraid to being anyone I may find, or like, around him. I'm a loving person, or can be. I'm very shy at first, and I've only had two girlfriends. I've never kissed intensely, or made out, or whatever. I've only peck kissed, but it's nothing I'm ashamed of. No matter. As I said, I'm shy, but I can get close very easily, and then I open up. I tell bad jokes when people are sad, cause it usually helps. I'm a good listener, so if you need to vent, I'm always there with an open ear.

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