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'The Truth Is Out There'

I am a:
Kettering, Kettering, Northamptonshire, GB
Looking for:
Painting, Media, Writing, Poetry, Movies, Art.
6'4" (191cm) or above
1 child
Body Type:
About average
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark brown

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I was born in London, in October 1960. From an early age I became somewhat of an enigma, choosing not to have many, or at times, no friends at all. I drifted through primary and secondary schooling without much notice, adamant to leave as soon as I could. The consideration of further education onto college, or university never being an option in my mind. Leaving home at sixteen, and still, very much of a loner, as an escape I took to drink, and by my own admission, I was a practicing alcoholic by the time I was twenty. Drifting from job to job, and relationship to relationship, with only little, or no success at all in either, and now, with two failed marriages behind me, the first lasting ten years, and the second, lasting only ten weeks, still drinking heavily, and now addicted to cocaine, I remarkably, found my way into a career in the acting profession. Against the odds, considering my lifestyle at this time, it was during this period that I found my way into a number of recovery programs. After spending time in a clinic, and with many 'on and off the wagon' situations along the way, and with the help of certain people, and organisations, I became free of cocaine and alcohol. I continued to pursue onwards, with my acting career, and with moderate success, by my mid thirties I had made enough money to form my own theatre and film production company, which for a short time was very successful. However, due to increasing problems within my personal life, which I must say, for the first time ever, was not as a result of alcohol or drugs, this all came to a abrupt end, and it was then, that I decided to sell up, and leave England to live in Spain, where I returned, once again, as I had done, many times over the years, to my first love. Writing. However, in 2001 I returned to the UK. In 2007, doctors discovered a large tumour behind my right eye, diagnosing cancer. After extensive surgery, the tumour was removed. Now, nearly two years on, I remain in reasonably good health, and at present, the cancer remains in remission. I still live in the UK, and in 2004, my first book, entitled, 'One Cigarette Left and All Out of Vodka' was published. Today, I still choose my friends wisely, and still remain clean of cocaine and alcohol. I can write in many genres, my portfolio consists of poetry, short stories, scripts, to name a few. I have also began to paint again, in the last six months. Something I haven’t done since being in ‘rehab‘ over ten years ago. I paint from memory, no copies, or from pictures. Most times I have know idea, when I begin a project, what it is going turn into until, I am part way in. Which is why I tend to work in the genres of abstract, expression and surrealism. Oh well, maybe to much information then required, but that's me, what you see, is what you get, so please, no time wasters, and above all, be honest.

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A Soldier’s War.

It was 6 am. The ascension of the sun, colouring the skies and clouds in a rainbow of amber, deep

Driftwood Parasols & Seaweed Trees.

Counting the days, counting the years till the time when I will find her.
Knowing now that my search is over


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