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Heart that loves and mind that decides;

I am a:
Tamale, Tamale Municipal, Northern, GH
Looking for:
Woman, Man
music,cretaing fun,playing computer games,listen
5'8"-5'11" (171-180cm)
no children
Want Children:
Doesn't matter
Woman, Man
Currently a student
Body Type:
Pumped up
Hair Color:

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LOVE TALK my name is Yekeen,i a 25 years old and i live in Tamale in the Northern part of Ghana. one of the things that i cherished most is that i love every one and will like to be love by any one irrespective of color. LOVE TALK others Doesn't love kind of take over your reason and logic for awhile when you fall? I know that I've felt stronger when giving love and because of those strong emotions, I'd thought that it's a dream worth believing. I'm trying to get back to this search for a realistic romance, with a belief like how it was in my heart years ago, that I feel needs to be restored because something has been forgotten. It was something simple, without so many conditions. I think that means not building it up and then sitting back to see what may happen, but always building on what love it supposed to mean outside of how it just feels and how we enjoy it so that it lasts through it all. Will it work out? I sure hope so. To be honest, I never understood love taking over reason and logic. It has never worked that way for me. The way it has worked for me is that, first, I must logically see that the man I am dating is compatible with me. In 3 areas - values, worldview/philosophy, and long term goals. Once I see that those 3 are met, I become more emotionally involved, we have sex (and I see if we're compatible sexually). And, then, my emotions follow and I fall in love. But, I've never been able to just lose logic or reason. It goes hand in hand with my heart. I've never even had a conflict between my heart and my mind - they work together for me, and are like different sides of the same coin. Personally, I think a lot of angst and drama could be skipped if people first evaluated the person they're dating - logically. Do they match you in values? In future goals? In a fundamental philosophy or world view? If not, can constructive/healthy compromise be possible? Not sacrifice, but compromise. If yes on all of those - move ahead. It's a green light. This way you eliminate a lot of time wasted, and understand right away with whom you can be compatible - before emotional involvement. Of course, this method only works if you're looking for a life partner. As opposed to a fling. And, then, once you do fall in love, and decide to be with a person - I agree with you, it's about building onto that love. Every single day, for the rest of your life. sailor, I understand what you're saying and I also often think that almost everything can be analyzed and that's how it works for me, but it doesn't seem to work like that for some of the women I've dated. It's not that I lose the logic of my desires, I just try to suspend judgment and not be too critical. I take pleasure having things in order and also like having my mind and heart in agreement, but sometimes my heart has been mixed up after a date with someone who left such a strong impression on me. I may for the moment pay attention to the situation more than the future possible events - because it's not like I know if the woman is a potential life partner. Flings are just not my thing, but that's again because planning is a part of how I think. I also think that it's better to not have to have put yourself through the drama and misunderstandings. And maybe that can be avoided by having good control over desires and temptations. I've wanted to lose control with some women in the past, but stopped myself from falling in love more than I intended. I've been affected by her strong emotions. I'm not saying that I don't thoroughly enjoy moments alone with a special woman. The possibility of compromise is something I'll always keep in mind because it's normal for there to be differences. And sometimes giving more than I feel like giving, making efforts that might feel like sacrifices would be a good idea. It unfolds every single day, hopefully for the better of our lives. Yekeen

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I now recognize that he has been cheating on me, and manipulating me and every person around me, for 30 years. It is scary, it is lonely, and it s shocking. Narcissists further need todifferentiatefrom adverse traits of their parents or early caretakers that they are nevertheless acting out in their present lives. doubellist However, once again, this is where you have to have to be cautious of the fake profiles. Numerous guys will see what they consider is the hottest model in the world and waste their super like function on them when their profile is something but real. Tinder also has a blue star button, which is a super like feature. If you sign up for a absolutely free membership, you only get super like just about every 24 hours, so use yours wisely. Considering the fact that its inception in 2002, Ashley Madison has been a judgment free of charge space for hookups and casual dates. The platform helps you locate the right partner obtaining the exact needs and requirements as you. You will set certain preferences on signing up utilizing which, the internet site will show you a number of profiles. john hagee freemason This is when it s most necessary to be aware of your adverse patterns and begin over before they turn out to be destructive. Disagreements and conflict are standard in any relationship. It is prevalent to have different preferences, beliefs and values from our considerable other. In some instances, conflict can be a sign that anything wants to adjust within a connection.

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