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staying together

I am a:
Belgrade, CS
Looking for:
the same as occupation
literary writing,making our happiness
Never smoked
no children
Want Children:
Doesn't matter
Eye Color:
Hair Color:

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You are light and even more dear to me that way.It's the closer proof to magic. I am light also.Seeing your image I would like to dance with hugs on you.Instead of telling you where we would walk placing your body in that direction just holding by sholders or waist would make me a great bliss of gentleness and each effort would appear as dearness. One is delighted to care for you. Let me see the expression of me near you. I'd like to get married or stay together with a Russian woman as soon as possible or when she agrees. Willing to spend at least half time in my place Belgrade,Serbia?Or whereever we were (perhaps a few months a year in France,Greece;she might invest too if she likes but it would be enough without it)and perhaps other half in her place.Than if she is interested in literary world I would post her what I write every day.And if she is curious and never let silence between us so we always talk about something. We would share our images,sounds, videos.Might be interested?Or wish to link me with one that is? ** Magnificent peace in city left empty and when someone pass by they make it quiter; but it is so nice and complex, that it can't stop doing wanders; lively passings,lights too; here you would find yourself happy between streets that can be; * Passers are moving spritely.Talkers talk eagerly,curiosity is with a devotion. More often they will tramble but for a dear warm purpose. * Who stand really waits.Someone brought a present to someone hurrying and bending to deliver to be at same level than they proceed with the same fast tempo.Lights are bright and cold.It is a street that might not be connected to town but they do know to make it pleasant between trees if you like. Let people don't go colder than this. * Reach this camera or let some one lift you so I see your pretty face.Than walk there whirl let me see how you move and smile. * Watch these strange traffic lights at night this is how I see you even nevertheless when I don't locate one who is caring those lights. * people walk on a cold land in distance like skaters which carry on even in pale lights, laugh to scratches detached we will introduce them again. * Someone that is standing on flat wide space openly curious, not looking for a chance but possibility, that is imagining whirly by some object,alone and free,that would dance if something only aproached her.And the rest of big place can be almost empty, and no one would aproach her because of the way she was standing,would feel odd about even her odness. * Nice gentle throat, was a promise but not it, face of elevated cut , world behind not felt, unnoticed let to fly behind will mean our wandering; from the start captured eyes that would be lovely not searched beauty; peculiarity when you were unnoticed? perhaps; your coat you didn't leave to wonder what complexity it would reach, you let it be nice, your face a surface; let's see who will catch your crossing, notice our desire to not aproach it nearer, earlier;who did know would know it again, one nice movement at least; you knew many,so you were to show them, if they were not so sure? they took you to show anyone; spread us over this city let it capture us it knows such to be isolated endless funny asking when? nights when you had to quite yourself not to let stars go; earlier to take you, nice but abruptly, it tells itself to all goodbye; let me feel the weight of world, that conclusion of meaning again, but it will bring again unhandled future wouldn't it?again we would see a humor of world towards us; nice look for someones brightness, light for your eyes, complex color, world floating in there as in night; they might found you in one simple twist, unprepaired for a complete repetition of mask this time, we would not even take a glimpse this time, and it suits night. wind is blowing,but we know the dance of trees; people sank into their strangeness when nowhere else, they go to it by a short path, all their red whirling ocean meet there with windows or without. world is moving vigorously now let's catch its frashness. now when you have to be also someone special near me, we might start funny, you I would hold with all hands one may get.still the laugh may whirl but not fly away. * I see giving presents,hugging, and gugling and banding knees; * cities were crossed, we will just plant lights, light all pleasantly, victoriously, we would need only a chair, not a border, future might only wish to see us hear, so only take this. * lighted fog of creative wish, and eye that can be open any time, it widens the building place; ornamented things left alone once and than inhabited: and welcomed each time from than - are glowing;appartments with amazing balconies and grills in warmth; he is crossing in dear suit, fitted for other mean, left alone; in orange color in windows happiness is already there, they float like in water, and you are telling strange things; cold outside temporarily erased sight, smile for any realness, it's wide outside that's why I am standing, wind I am glad you're determined in your narrowness and reaching if not direction, that's how our voice also go, not even the reached knows the direction, distraction is directionless and smile. bend a festal street light into your flat and make a nice party, and the city would still think it a street light, this means having a free friend, this is how we didn't have to transplant and repeat; this foreigness of city is ever deeper finding me,I may be just with you in that flat,just with me surfacely. houses are in nice pale green light, of magic that complete things taken just for their happiness; strong imaptient white light of neon is breaking us deep,and the one of the day is wide and gentle,but with a smile we would appear while seeing how we are making a room of this strangeness too; you mix things even only to be; a lighted shadow is making a message, no one would interfiere, we can look whatever they form; "it is not for nothing it is an university" -and if nothing else this university will honor this place. * on such a foreign place as if a suprise was a butterfly when it flies but you managed to sit beside not disturbing him; a butterfly sees that you were not flying so he didn't too; * you walk by storks nested on top of lamp posts; in vain post was talking what he was seeing they still liked him best; lamp posts are close to you; I heard it, so I watch these streets, diving into magic everywhere, showing that I am aware although I only wished to show I care. * tight mask of importance, dwelling at person like at river, * You enter and I ask -yes? you said "beauty" and how you will finish that sentence? -I haven't said "beauty" nor anything. -you smile answering. -I heard the word "beauty" when I saw you. My thoughts have your voice. * Sometimes I wish you breathe well things, sometimes I wish you just breathe and sometimes I breathe for you no matter how well you breathe. People are shy of invalidity. * We were watching nicely when we were alone -we also might go there.But this is all because of you even without you. * We had a play with words but the day is so long and would not tell it is going to pass even if the next moment a night is to arrive. We found many secrets these were not intending to be shown now. birds are in our hands but asking for a fresh color.Let us do what the strangers have than. And look now we are almost late.Night is coming,of course now when we are staying here. * city at spring, dwelling places are pointing to them by showing the sky, just turn around your head, so it is also up to you; lightly you would see us sitting * big country allowed itself to show as such even in smaller space, that's how they are letting it be big; have an appartment there is strange, like one of your imaginations: towers from such, unnoticed. * Regards Bojan Dragosavac Belgrade birthday: 15.April 1979. [email protected] or [email protected] Talk don't let silence,find our interests from moment to moment,don't lose eyes for a moment or contact beyond eyes.Talk about thing we like,if it were a dance watch great dancers and interpret them.Talk in the hight of inspiration with unforgetable voices.Talk about different thing when watching some beauty or talk about that beauty.Listen to our words and add something nice.Seeing our wishes meet,make them speak.

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