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About me .. I am always on the look out for new things, I am curious, active and often the first to know. I hate to kill time! that would be cruel, and after all, every moment is precious. I am fully aware that life is a one lap race. I like to enjoy every moment, getting lots out of life, because I put lots in I like to live a life of action that is based on seeking experience, pursuing plans, dreams, and visions. Other people will tend to see me as multi-talented, diverse, curious, and experienced, with a strong appreciation for beauty, style, and aesthetic flair. I will tend to maintain a youthful spirit, viewing the world as a giant playground Sometimes I can go crazy with activity, juggling many different activities and plans in their heads at the same time. Others may see me as unusually lucky, although in reality my "luck" happens because I am unusually perceptive of opportunities and quick to grab them. I can be an unusually good problem solver in a pinch, improvising clever solutions out of whatever is at hand. Even though my work style seems rather chaotic I am often extremely prolific and productive. My improvisational ability can means that I can be entertaining and comedic, but with a tendency to disappear when slower, boring tasks need to be done. I am also a good "generalists", because I can quickly master several areas of expertise, and cross-fertilize between them. Famous people with similar traits include: Richard Feynmann, Warren Buffet, John F. Kennedy, Shirley Temple, Howard Stern, Newt Gingrich, Madonna, Theodore Roosevelt, Jesse Ventura HARMINDER PAL SINGH Ph.D(c ), BASc(CE), Dip(Mkt), CCHy, MTMH, Dip(ICMT), Dip(ICMV), Dip(ICMS) Email : [email protected] Mobile : +65 - 9456 8805 # Who I Want to Meet: You :-) A TRIBUTE TO PAL ! Your pal is always there Whenever you need him Hold your hand While another man breaks your heart Not one to judge Or hold a grudge, your pal Did you ever think he was the one for you? Maybe you should look no further You're the only one that doesn't know it That he's the love you're lookin' for He walks the dog Always gets the mail Your pal Rain or shine He's always on time He holds the door Even mops the floor, your pal *** Does he clean toilets, too? what a guy! *** Did you ever think he was the one for you? Maybe you should look no further, sister You're the only one who doesn't know it That he's the love you're lookin' for No one's gonna Wait forever *** what's wrong, you didn't get the hint when he mopped your floor? *** What's the harm? You got nothin' to hide Just pay for your ticket And take a ride with your pal Did you ever think he was the one for you? Maybe you should look no further !

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