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4ppl Terms Of Use

Please read these terms of use carefully before using our site. By using and any part of the site or any content of the site you are making an agreement under its terms of use and privacy policy. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you may not use this site.

We reserve the right to delete or suspend the profiles of users who, in our opinion, break the rules and disregard the instructions described in this document. Thus,you are also agreeing that your profile can be removed for infringement of this document. We also reserve the right to judge behavior that does not conform to any separate rule, but is deemed harmful or offensive and is in violation of the purpose of this site.

Before using our site you agree to provide your personal information such as country of residence, date of birth and e-mail address accurately. All of this information is protected by a Privacy Policy.

Please read the following rules carefully. Any violation of these will be cause for removal of your profile.

You are not allowed to post any information of adult, vulgar, obscene, ethnically or otherwise objectionable content.

You are not allowed to send spam or any other information with the distribution of any products or services goal.

You are not allowed to beg money or send solicitation materials, try to earn in other more fair way. Profiles must not contain any phishing.

You are not allowed to post child porno pics. You may not post nude photos of your girlfriend/boyfriend without her/his permission.

You are not allowed to show any racial aggression. 4PPL is an open web site for all nations and races. 

You are not allowed to use any information you receive to infringe on the privacy or property rights of any person.

We may update our Privacy Statement from time to time so please visit this page regularly.

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