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DELTAflt1189's blog


**Confessions Of Former Satanists**

Welcome to ExWitch Ministries Welcome to ExWitch Ministries Welcome to ExWitch Ministries


Seeking a Deliverance

How to seek a qualified minister, to get you out of Satan's spiritual grip:


Click HERE

Escaping Satan's Web
Escaping Satanism and the Occult Introduction Video
Former Witch - Karen's Story
Former Satanist's Testimony (Pt.I)
Ex-Satanist now follows Jesus Christ
Ex-Satanist Comes To JC
Pt. 1 of Shazoolo's Testimony (From Demonism to Christ)
Bill Schnoebelen - Interview with an Ex-Vampire
Pastor Neville Goldman
Testimony of a Former Witch
Michael's Testimony
Lillian's Testimony
Ex-Satanist's View of Halloween


By: Dorothy Mulenga

Powerful Prayer; Ex-Satanist Speaks!
Crossmap Christian Search
Miracles, & Healings
China's Miracle Revival
Accounts of healing miracles from the current Christian revival sweeping Communist China.
Corpse Raised From Death
An African Pastor is killed and enbalmed, but is resurrected when his wife believes for a miracle at a Reinhard Bonkke crusade.
Dove Ministries
Testimonies of healing miracles that happened through the ministry of Bill Subritzky.
Healed of MS
A lady shares how she was healed through the Word of God in the early stages of Multiple Sclerosis.
Holy Fire – yearly miracle
Miracle of Holy Fire that happens every year before Orthodox Easter in church of Holy Sepulchre (Jerusalem). Description, photo, video, testimonies
Jesus Answers Ministry & Newsletter
Testimonials in the lives of ordinary people, miracles, and counselling upon request.
Jesus Evidence
Compelling evidence for the unbeliever that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
Jesus Heals Ministries
Some testimonies of healing from a Norwegian evangelistic ministry.
Mel's Miracle Recovery
My eldest daughter was critically ill in a hospital ICU and the doctors thought she would die. Find out about her miracle recovery following our prayers to God.
Miracles in Romania
Divine healing in the name of Jesus in Romania.
Miracles of Christ Today
Miracle healing testimonies of people healed of cancer, deafness, MS, stroke, schizophrenia, paralysis and raised from the dead, with faith building Christian articles.
Recovering from a Broken Neck
The author broke his neck and is living to tell about it. The full story with pictures.
Testimonies of healings
from Dr Ricky Roberts' ministry - includes a public forum.
The Awesome Power of God
Site devoted to serious scrutiny and documentation of miracles including those of celebrities like Natalie Cole, Evander Holyfield, and others.
The Battlefield Miracles Project
Divine intervention on the battlefield.
The Betty Baxter Story
A totally crippled up girl in horrible suffering is instantly healed by Jesus.
The Miracle of Erick's survival
Account of miracles witnessed as our son lay in a coma with a brain injury, spinal injury, and mangled legs.
There Is Hope!
Testimonies about the power of God revealed in many circumstances.
Verified Miracles through TB Joshua
Testimonies of a few of the many healed by Jesus Christ through Prophet TB Joshua.


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