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shift114's blog


乔丹鞋的由来(Jordan shoes)

For Jordan our memory many, here say god in the various excellent performance, but god feet - Jordan series basketball shoes. Jordan air jordan shoes the bulls coach doesn't allow god to wear this pair of shoes, reason is with the team uniform color is not harmonious, while David stern is to Jordan exited the tickets first 1000 dollars, the first son times, until the $2000 per $5,000, this also finally led to Joe 1 snapping up. Nike also therefore first touched in basketball shoes on kanway status. Jordan one generation by white black and red trichromatic, hard system rubber sole, without any technology content, actually this pair of shoes is heavy, but it is the beginning of an era. Jordan 2 generations concise design is a lot of people like it, the main reason for a pair of wings moved from buy jordan shoes of science and technology is not high, is still hard wear-resisting soles, but in shoes on the makings fastidious a lot, this paragraph sneakers appeared for the first time in 1986 Jordan three generations this is really the first generation QiDianXie flyers, Nike first using visible cushions, located in cheap jordan shoes series for the first time since adopted flyers sign, this sign was officially used to Jordan brand of various commodities. Joe was officially 31987 pipelines. Jordan four generations, this shoe is most remarkable is its vamp: dynamic air sign, the script of flight wording filled with bouncing feeling. It is this unique design saved Nike and the flying brand, because two generations, three generations of sales is not very good. Configuration: after palm cushions, former palm shock rubber. Jordan five generations, 1989 formal pipelines. First applied the reflective material, still USES the Nike new development can clean the net surfaces and sole. Cixin shoes on the function used four generations of jordan 23 stripe before design, and shoes tongue of Jordan logo all graces many Jordan 6 generations, 1990 formal pipelines. Because the bulls 90-91 season's title fellowmen. 6 generations in the design is proposed for rubber shoes, the concept of firmness buckle firmness clasp was extremely popular, stylist will use it to 6 generations shoelace on, it can easily fasten shoelace also have very good adornment effect. In sole adopted was advanced translucent rubber soles, strengthened the grip. If you observe carefully will find hidden in shoe body "23." two is the vamp lateral supporting the composition of the big picture, 3 is sole lateral bottom designs. Jordan seven generations, 1991 came out, Michael Jordan 91-92 season war boots because Jordan in 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona wearing this pair of seven generations won the championship, so seven generations in jordan shoes appearance somewhat 6 generations of shadow, the biggest characteristic is match colors much more special. Adopt was very popular shoelace holder design and built-in palm air mattress, after 23 after keep pace with the inscription, bottom is a variety of geometric pattern composition, the air sign for whole shoe shoe graces many. Jordan 8 generations, 1993 to surface. Reflected at that time focuses on the technology of design thought. 8 generations in design achieved significant breakthrough. The most outstanding is shoes the crossover fastening design, strengthening the shoes of stability. Insole drain running shoes design ideas, slashed the rubber material, reduce the weight of the shoe, shoes tongue adopted towel material plus air signs. Heel flank and sole central more abstract painting pattern added a few color art. Jordan in this year after knocking suddenly announced his retirement, and many fans thought he would never return to court, so badly 8 generations is Jordan on the pitch wearing last pair of shoes, then 8 generations also created Nike 1993 sales record. 8 generations because in Jordan retired the first time before launch, while in Jordan series in a special significance. it's written by hello2010 on 11.26


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