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common UGG snow boots brand

Common UGG snow brand many consumers have the boots UGG and Australia UGG equate that the United States UGG Australia is refers to UGG, but the fact is not like that. UGG is snow boots, is a kind of ugg boots Distributor of several common UGG brand. Brand historical development: with the rise of UGG snow boots, UGG Australia brand's founder Brian Smith in buy ugg australia boots wearing local small factory production UGG snow boots, not only comfortable warmth, thick wool also can rapid suck the feet of water, keep feet dry. Hence, he will stay to snow boots California, in California created UGG Australia brand, snow boots where rapid development. In 1998, Smith will UGG Australia brand sold to Germany Essex outdoor company. A new club in uk ugg boots can break professional market barriers is more customers, quickly receive Hollywood stars such as chase after hold in both hands.Brand historical development: in tough world war I, jack is a very good Australian air force pilots, when fighter and no now so advanced, comfortable. Every flight, jack at ugg boots online sale because of numbness lost consciousness. The Czech lovers beautiful Daisy miss, see in the eye pain in the heart. Jack each mission, Daisy both miss pray to god, pray to this evil war soon end, also people a peaceful world! After the end of world war I, jack and Tess, jack shall have Jill, and had a son named MaiKeSen fertility. MaiKeSen since the childhood always live in my parents' passion of stories, and "UGG" an in depth the deeping feeling! In his adult and after graduation from the university, MaiKeSen for Australian remember that hard unforgettable war years, also for continuing left behind by parents love legends, MaiKeSen in womens ugg boots company "Marksun" company and in Australia Aukoala (registered the "macau koala)" trademark. At the time of the Australian "UGG" moving, the beautiful legend widely known. To have a exquisite "Aukoala (macau)" koala UGG snow boots, more in the Australian dream entertain wild hope, but at the time of The Times also only Australian noble ability is qualified, can wear it to rise. it's written by hello2010 on 11.26


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